A wonderful poem for the holiday season from Joe

a flowing consciousness

Snow Day (2)

two weeks before Christmas,
the snowflakes fell;
the crippled boy
who loves the snow
watched the kids
throw snowballs
from a small window;
mother gave him tea
with drops of honey
and closed the curtains—
mama! please don’t close them!

my boy, there’s no need
to watch and feel sad.
you can play in the snow
again when your legs are healed.

mama! I’m not sad.
when I watch them throw
snowballs, I’m flying!
when they run through
the slush, I’m gliding!
when they fall and
get wet, I’m freezing!

oh sweetheart! please drink your tea
for me and don’t get cold or sick!

yes, mama, thank you.
when I drink your tea,
I’m also warming and soothing
the lips, tongues, throats,
and hearts of my friends.
when I hold this cup,
I am hugging the bees,
the flowers, the rain,
the clouds, the sun,
and the snow! I’m happy

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