A Touching Poem About Self Control Between Two Brothers

a flowing consciousness

An Afternoon with My Dear Brother

Let’s go for a walk in a few minutes
okay? My nine-year-old brother
smiles joyfully while his eyes are still
glued to the computer screen.
Okay! He says, giving me a quick,
innocent and adorable glance
while two of his slender fingers
awkwardly press a few keys.

Are you ready to go for a walk
now? My little brother’s tiny face
frowns while his eyes are still
rapidly shifting focus within the screen
as he navigates his way through
a virtual world, moving
the mouse with his small hands.
Not yet, he says calmly as he
sinks deeper into a dark
office chair that’s too big.

Why not? No sound but clicks and taps.
My brother’s pure eyes seemed
to be fading as his fingers hit the keys,
as if some strange power, unknown to him,
is draining his innocent joy.

Five more minutes…

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