One of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had while shopping was when my mother was trying to buy a new stove.

We get to the restaurant and find a shiny steel stove sitting on the counter on discount.

Woah what luck!

So we ask the salesperson Jake “Wow why is such a shiny metal stove so cheap?”

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.43.52 PM

He looks us with a serious no B.S. look and says “The previous customer had returned it because it had a tiny scratch on it.”

I was thinking to myself “Wow how are some people so basic?!”

It reminds me of a quote by TJ Paris “There are some folks that you could give a solid gold bar to who would complain because you didn’t cut it up for them to make it easier to take away. ”

Please check out TJ’s wise blog here. Life is just too short to drink bad wine my friends.