Lesson 1: Learn to give up more in some situations. Sometimes never give up is terrible advice. Some problems you can’t change so you just have to accept them, be patient, and wait.

Lesson 2: Sometime people are just smarter than you. If you can, just ask smarter friends for help.

Lesson 3: Don’t Judge Yourself too hard. Have low expectations for life and be grateful for whatever problems life brings. Even kings on the highest thrones slurp a load of honey from the front yard and drizzle bull through the backyard every day.

Lesson 4: Start with a tiny habit – just floss one tooth or just put on your tennis shoes. A lot of the times starting is the hardest step.

Lesson 5: Getting into an elite college or high paying job isn’t everything. Some Ivy League students have ended up wanting to commit suicide because of hopelessness. IQ scores and expensive university diplomas can make some people seem smart even though they don’t know how to live a good life and can make others seem stupid when they are wise.

Lesson 6: Life is hard. You become wise by trusting your own heart, reading books, making mistakes, and surrounding yourself with the love of friends and family. Your heart pumped over 9000 times. You know it’s a strong one.

Lesson 7: If you hear a quote or song you like, type it on a word document or create a list so you can quote them to cheer up friends.

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