A lot of friendship depends on checking in with your friends and asking:

“How are you? What have you been up to?”

One of Dale Carnegie’s main advice in his books How to Win Friends and Influence People is be interested in the other person’s interests, smile from your heart, and give a sincere compliment.

Here are some actual compliments you can use to help strengthen your friendships.  It’s important to note that not all friendships last forever and we must all avoid being friends with people whom we question their character.

If you can, please don’t just copy and paste these compliments but let your own creative juices work as you think of your own unique compliments.

  • “Hey Sarah, you were and still are one of the most rational and coolest debaters I’ve meet. We don’t always agree – which I think is great since it allows clash – but I sure enjoy hearing from you.
  • You are so kind James! I’m honored to get to hear from you and get your perspective on the book The Last Lecture!
  • You’re a hella rad guy! I still remember you offering to buy Steve new shoes and a meal.
  • Thanks for showing up and being 10 minutes early to our meeting Kyle!