What are some lessons we can learn from history?

One of them is that life is tough and humans suffer because of sin. History repeats itself because of these sins.

A Quora writer Arjun Satheesh Menon says:

“Hard times bring forth strong people.

Strong people bring good times.

Good times bring weak people.

Weak people bring hard times.”

So this post is going to talk about these 7 deadly sins that cause moral decay in civilizations and talk about ways they prevent us from living a full life.

To begin, let’s define the seven sins:

Greed is an desire for more of something – money, food, etc –  and usually more than you actually need.

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Envy is when we desire something that someone else has such as a luxury house, a sports car, or a elite college degree.

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Lust is usually an intense sexual desire or a strong desire for something such as power, sex, money, or fame.

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Gluttony is also a desire to want too much food or drink that it causes an addiction.

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Pride can have both positive and negative meanings. When it’s positive, it means a person’s belief in herself or the standards she sets for herself.

Pride can have a negative meaning such as an overall belief that “I” am better that those around me. This pride has to do with an individual’s belief that she or he is “God”.

Usually this pride is there to hide the person’s own fears and shows a lack of healthy self-esteem. This pride also prevents the person from asking for help from friends and causes a lot of self-sabotage. My first semester in college, I would spent hours on coding assignments instead of just trying to find friends and ask for them help.

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Wrath is unnecessary violence or an intense anger.

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Sloth is when we are just lazy and don’t want to do anything. Sloth is fine to a since we all have days we need to rest but when it is done continuously it prevents us from living up to our potential.

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It’s important to note that the seven deadly sins interplay on each other.

  • Pride can lead to wrath as in the example of what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany under Hitler’s rule. Another example could be the Pharaoh during Moses’s time who subjected the Israelites to slave labor.
  • Greed, Lust, Gluttony, and Envy all come out of a desire for some worldly thing such as money, sex, love, power, fame, or status. However, out of these sins, envy is the one that will cause unhappiness. To quote Ben Franklin, “the easiest way to avoid envy is to work hard and deserve the success you get”.
  • However, sloth comes from not desiring anything and just wanting our lives to be the same as it always was. Gluttony can lead to sloth since after hours of eating and drinking, one would need to rest and digest.

It’s important to notice what seven deadly sins we personally suffer from since few human beings are immune to these sins. For me, it would be lust, sloth, and pride.

Once we realize our sins we can spent time to try to prevent them from happening in the future by working on tiny habits – such as when feeling tired and slothy, work more 5 minutes before quitting.

It’s extremely hard to change a person’s behavior and sins so sometimes it’s best to just practice prayer and self-compassion.

Quick activity: In the comments, tell us a story of a person who went through one or more of these sins.