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Sometimes our high school, college, and the 9-5 work grind deserves tears. Hard work, mental fatigue, insecurities, and a lot of bittersweet memories of staying up late studying while tired brings waves of nostalgia. Perseverance while suffering is admirable.

Real lasting friendships were still and still are hard to come by. Kindness towards friends made life easier and more fun. Since everyone acts out of self-interest being a kind and optimistic person makes you stand out.

Saying NO towards certain insecure and shallow friends and homework assignments helped make life more bearable.

Optimism balanced with reasonable pessimism makes an impressive attitude. Friends who had this attitude had a much easier going and virtuous personality.

  • An example of having an optimistic but pessimistic attitude is answered by asking: “What are 3 things I’m grateful for in life?” and “How could my life be much worse?”

With friendship, it’s important to be friendly to most people. However, because our energy is so limited it’s wise to identify a group of 3-10 inner circle friends. It’s wise to remember even people in this circle may not be be around in 3-12 months however. Affection is hard to come by and solitude gives you time to mature and be self-aware.