What is the best way to tell someone’s nature?

Answer from InYoung Choi. 

  • Look at their parents. Like father, like son; like mother, like daughter. This saying wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t any truth to it.
  • Look at their friends. Birds of a feather flock together. Another true saying.
  • Travel together. And here I’m not talking about a luxurious and comfortable vacation. If you have the chance, go backpacking or go on a challenging trip together. See how he/she behaves in a foreign environment and reacts to unforseen troubles.
  • See how they behave when they’re hungry. This one is actually based on my mom’s story. Decades ago when she was a young lady in college, she went on a date with two men, each separately of course. The first one had his own business and was well off. When she was out with him, both got hungry after a long day of walking. So they got a little snack together to share. Then my mom went to a bathroom and when she came back, he had already finished the food. Few months later when she went out with the other man, who was a poor college student like her, they got into the same situation somehow; they were both cold and hungry, got snack food to share. My mom went to a restroom and when she came back, he was waiting without touching even a little bit of the food and let my mom have more despite how hungry he also was. I’m proud to call him my dad.
  • Music taste. This is my personal way to know a bit more about someone. His/her taste in music reveals more than you might think.
  • Choice of words. There’s a fine line between sarcastic and offensive, funny jokes and insensitive jokes. You don’t need to throw in all kinds of jargon to sound smart. Neither derogatory / insensitive / racial related names or words would make you funnier.
  • And of course, a ton of conversation with the person!