So a couple years back, a girl in high school was doing something…

Like most girls, she was interested in a couple of things – boys, friends, having fun, money, and getting a great resume.

So she decided to join the high school debate team. At the time there was some role playing debate style called Student Congress. Boys pretended to be US Senators and girls pretended to be US Representatives. Together they gave speeches on passing bills and acting like the branches of the US Congress aka Congressional debate.

At a local tournament, a representative named Lady O’Hare passed by and was elected the presiding officer that day. She did extremely well and broke to the final round.

A lot of tiredness, work, episodes of throwing-up, envy, and consistency helped along the way.

However, what she was most known for was once before the tournament, you could see her sitting next to a cute boy.

Instead, of preparing her own speeches, she helped him prepare his speech along with another girl Representative Johnson

For me a humble spectator, it was interesting to see and say that although sex sells, a tiny bit of compassion touches your soul.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.04.16 AM

*Special thanks to my pretentious high school Student Congress debate friends and competitors I met around the “circuit” who helped me rhetoric, ethos, and pathos. Dominick, James, Diane, Will, Alex, etc. It was fun. I call them pretentious but some of them did have some pretty deserved pride.