“There are plenty of styles of philosophers. Hedonists, hermits, gadflies, teachers, knights, or  servants.

The one philosophy style I always admired are the servants… those who served King Arthur and the knights of Israel and those humble servants who gladly put their own lives on the line to spread His Gospel. The gospel of the power of the cross, the laws of karma, and the story of Lady Wisdom.”

Those intriguing words were told me as I passed the Village of Ur on a stormy day by a man named Bard.

I felt so intrigued by this enchanting guy whose name rhymed with … heart. However, that tale is no more. Later that fortnight a bandit killed him for his 22 pieces of gold and silver – his wisdom. The bandit had a silver earing, gorgeous Revlon hair, and the Scarlet Tattoo.

OHhh I knew it! It was the female bandit Lust. She had another stunning step sister Envy that I only knew too well.

They worked for their ringleader an arrogant and proud man named The Dragon Pride. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, sweet words, but dark demonic blood.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 5.41.49 AM

As a bandit he sometimes went by the name Pharaoh, Market Aurrelis, Hitler, and Stalin. But I knew his real identity.


Yes indeed. Lucifer. The one who trapped Lord Arthur to the Holy Grail.

Those were the words of my Emory professor who taught me Philosophy 191. If you want to tell it, just remember to call it the story of the Emory Knights of the Heavenly Realm.

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Special thanks to Nakaba Suzuki, anime creator of the Seven Deadly Sins and who inspired this blog post.