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One of the easiest ways to make friends is to be a reliable friend. It’s that simple. Most people have many friends but yet don’t put enough time into the few friends that will make all the difference in their lives. These are the friends that will be there in your time of need.

Once 1-6 months, text a friend. Simple ask “Hi. How are you? What hobbies are you doing?”.  Some may not reply back to you. Don’t take it personally just move on to someone else.

Next, if you’re on YouTube or Wikpedia and find an interesting article or video, send the article to the friend. But don’t just send it. Remember to write a short 1-3 sentences that persuades the friends on “Why?” they need this article.

For example:

Hey Sam,

I found this cool article on the economy. It talks about the economic scandal that happened in 2003.  Here’s the link: (Insert link)

Thanks for reading!