The following is a poem about intersectionality, liminalism, and borderlands from K.C.

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Read his poem while listening to this song:


Living in Conway

Staring at chairs, writing notes

I am still hungry

 scorching. withering. sweltering.

parched. dying.

eyes blurring.


yo tengo sed.

i am reminded, a story once told. it stuck with me. a crow.


the intelligent crow. the opportunist sparrow. a balcony. the rich have balconies.


the parched throat. the crow’s parched throat. pain.


life. life is pain.

pain is life.

is pain life?

it goes.

it goes on. on and on and on and on and no and no and no why me why me why me why me?

she died. years ago. dirty water. her mamá told her. hierva princesa. no mamá, i won’t.


princesa. porque?


flap. flap. flap. tengo agua.

sparrow, where did you get water?

don’t you know? DON’T YOU KNOW!?

mamá told me. there is water on the balcony. in a jar. a closed jar.

the epitome of exclusion.

a jar.

it started raining. raining. llueve. llueve.

how can i?

oeste. nothing.este. nothing.norte. nada. sur. nada.


why to me?

que es eso?


a gust goes by.


i hear guns.

the peck, peck, peck of águila real.

i am beautiful. or so they say. why do they tell me so?


papá! no me gusta la lluvia!

chica! desperta! lo siento.

one by one, the rocks fall in. the water level rises, and rises, and rises, and rises.

the flood is coming.

work. make the money.

the money makes you. it will make you.

yo camino. there is no end.

drip. drip. drip.

the rain pours. torrential. it may wash us away. mother is happy. happier than she has ever been. father cries. he cries and cries and cries.

i stand in the rain.

scorching. i may be burning.

all i want is to drink some earth.