This is a guest blog post by my highschool friend and UALR Computer Science major Dhairya “David” Gabhawala. In this post, David talks about having a calm reflective perspective as we go through the hustle and bustle of life.

Overall, David believes that sharing our perspectives with each other can help us widen our view of the beauty of this world. 

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“Oh it’s morning six! Wake up buddy, it’s time for you to start your day. You have to pack your lunch, make your coffee, and pick up your stuff you left on your table last night. Once you get to school, see Mrs. Anonymous for your grade correction, turn in your project to Mr. Gilson, and get your transcripts and other documents faxed to your college and summer programs.”

Isn’t that what we hear in our minds when we first wake up every morning, even before getting out of our bed? What a life do we live; instead of wishing ourselves a good morning, we think about our schedule.

We are so busy in our weekdays that we leave notes on refrigerators to talk to our parents who live with us under the same roof. With every passing minute and each breath we exhale, all we look forward to is the weekend which seems right around the corner but takes a total of 120 hours to arrive. It is when we meet our friends, family and more importantly, we look at the mirror and try to find true ourselves. Do we all become super successful at some point in our life, as a reward of all the stress we take? Of course not.

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This make me wonder why all the hustle to live just a normal life? Are we really on the pursuit of happiness? I ask this question every week to myself in a hope that one fine day I would be able to answer it with a legitimate reason and not just by blaming it on the world we live in.

It often occurs to me that what do we gain by rushing from morning six to evening ten? Because at the end of the day, we barely are able to find any time to spend with our family and loved ones. There is a high proportion of people who don’t even have energy to comprehend their day to themselves, but they all take one moment to ask themselves, “Am I missing something to complete my day? Because something doesn’t feel right!” and most people think that it’s just their illusion.

After seventeen years of hustle of life, I finally came to a realization that, maybe we have just forgotten what is real life, what are somethings that the creator of this world has made for us to enjoy, for us to feel, live and love in our lives.


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What is that magic that’s missing from our lives? It is nothing else but those gifts of mother nature, the cries of our kids, their first walk, their hugs, their kisses; the time parents spend with their kids while walking in courtyard, holding their child’s finger and teaching them how to walk and balance themselves.

I wonder if many parents see their kids growing in each stage of their life, and experience every moment of it.This are the things that never come back. I guess it’s time for us to sit back for a moment, see what life has to offer us and try to live it, love it and feel it. Our life starts with birth and ends with death but their is a long run from first cry to last breath.

Life is not one day or a moment or instinct, it a continuous cycle riding on a road full of ups and downs, bumps and pits; its upto us to decide which jerks are worth the pain. Its time for us to spend a moment to feel our each breath, be able to listen to the ticking of a second in our watches, and feel the present moment. Although this is not the way to live the life but it is a way to feel that we are alive in this present moment.

Think about the gifts mother nature has presented us with, the blowing wind, senses to smell, eyes to recognize different colours and shapes, birds that can fly and make distinct voices, trees whose leaves change color with seasons, teaching us the lessons of life, and a mind to interpret all of it. Lessons of life, a phrase we often hear our teachers repeat in school and our parents telling us but what does it actually mean? How does our life teach us?

Life is a wonderful mixture of feelings and gives us a large variety of experiences. We often hear people say that life teaches us something every day, but do we always realize what have we learned today?

In most cases the answer is no because some of the life lessons are not as apparent as others. I previously addressed that trees, water, wind, and flowers, etc; they all teach us something in our life, something that makes a difference, maybe not instantly but in a long run. Now take a moment and think what forms the nature, the landscapes we like to see, and ask ourselves what do they teach us?

Leaves teach us to always be respectful to our parents, our families, our teachers and our supporters who help us grow in our lives, because if a leaf is separated from the tree it will die, the same way we as human beings, need our supporters in our lives, it is almost impossible to be self sufficient for anyone.

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Wind, a softly blowing mixture of gases, sometimes it cools us down and sometimes it heats us up. Wind is a representation of human anger, wind feels uncomfortable when it is hot and there is hot wind blowing but when it is cold in winter, what is the solution to our shivering? It is hot air blowing from the heaters.

So it teaches us that when someone is angry or hurt, all we have to do is to either be calm and nice instead of blaming each other to handle the situation. It is proven the opposites attract, something likely happens here as well, if both people are angry, the situation gets worst.

Water, a great combination of two gases, forming a liquid which is inevitable for mankind, the most important thing without which we can barely survive a day. Water teaches us to flow, to move on in life, regardless of the hurdles in our way. When we see flowing water, do we ever see it stopping? We see it rushing through the rocks, making its way through all the obstacles and that is what it teaches us to do in order to reach our final destination/ goals in our lives. It also has a unique quality, that it can take the shape of its container; it teaches us that we could be happy and successful in our lives if we learn to adapt to our surroundings and changes in our lives.

Flowers teach us the most important lesson of our life. The stems of most flowers bear spikes but they still spread fragrance, become a part of bouquet and are still used to show love and respect for people and so they teach us to be helpful, respectful and kind to everyone regardless of our own situation. If we think about lotus flower, what is something very different about it? It only grows in mud but the best part is, it’s still a precious flower – often used to pray gods and goddesses in some religions. Flowers also leave the most important message for our lives,

People are suppose to be identified by their characters and not their appearance, possessions or backgrounds.” It is amazing how life teaches us the most important values of being humans, but only if we have that perspective of looking at world.

Our parents often say that it is very important for us to go to school and college when we are kids but the biggest school we all attend everyday is the school of life, where everyone is treated equal, given opportunities they need (in most cases) and is given the choice of picking the right class to attend. It important as humans for us to realize that nothing in our lives or in our surroundings is set without a reason, the rising sun, the shining moon, the cool breeze, etc.

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The rising sun is a symbol of a new day, with new opportunities that are waiting for us; new ambitions that are born in us, new hopes and new perspectives we wake up with, after a nice, relaxing sleep. It is to inform us that a dark night, where we can only imagine things but can barely do anything has finally came to an end and now it is time to make those dreams come true. But does it mean that night is unnecessary or an evil to human progress? Of course not, it is very important for us to have that night sleep where we dream about our future, our goals, because that is what we work for after we wake up. So it is very important to have adequate sleep.

The shining moon which we often call smiling moon is a sweet good night to us from mother nature, an appreciation for all the work we do in our day, and good wishes to us so that we can dream something big, better and more innovative every night. It is surprising that we have always learned Moon as a celestial body, a natural satellite of Earth which revolves and rotates around Earth and reflects sunlight at night, but nobody explains the reason of its existence.

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The cool breeze, which we barely feel anymore is nothing but a natural air conditioner, not for those who sit in office and work but for those who are out in the fields growing grains for us or for the workers who make our houses and roads. We as a human beings could be selfish at times but for mother nature; we are all the same, she treats us all equally. This was a little bit about nature but let’s take a moment to think somethings that we do as humans and we think that they don’t have any purpose. Some of those could be the jobs we do, not the ones that we do because we have to but the ones that we like to do, places we like to sit, etc. They all have a reason, doesn’t need to be economical or social but it is something that is a representation of your true self.

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It’s time for us to feel the nature, stop by the river and see the flowing water, wake up early not to work out but go out in patio and listen to the chirping of birds, take few minutes and watch the ever changing sky every night, and feel the cool breeze. It’s time for us to go to a beach, stand at the shore and feel the sand under our feet washing away, listen to the sound of waves, see the endless sea. We have limited our life experiences, over the time with modernization, limited our vision and thoughts to internet and social media, but there is a very big world around us other than technology and social media. To experience we have to have that perspective, that vision towards life.

So let’s all try to changes ourselves a little everyday, so we don’t miss out the natural enjoyment of our life. Life is too long to wait for tomorrow and too short to celebrate today, so to live our life, all we have to do is live in present, feel each breath we take, listen to our heartbeat and find what we like, who we like to spend time with and know ourselves better.