Have you ever thought could we define humans as an some sort of “soul or spirit” inside a fleshly body that has to fight against sin, greed, feelings, angels, demons, diseases, illnesses, etc?


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My Korean friend Jaeyeop Lee, who is a Emory University senior majoring in English and Economics says:

According to the Bible, human’s body, mind, spirit, are one. The whole thing, body, mind, and spirit are once dead by the sin committed by Adam. However, once a person is born again through Christ, his spirit revives and ownes eternal lives in unification with the Holy Spirit.

However, our body and mind are yet fighting with the sin, because it is in the process of full salvation. when we die and go to the heaven, the salvation of their minds will be fully accomplished; they will be able to know and see everything (Corinthians 12:13). And our body will revive again when Jesus comes to the Earth in the time of final judgment (John 5:29).

Therefore, our body, mind, and soul are into one, and there are the difference of time to be saved, but in the end, all three parts of our existence is saved by Jesus.