How you view life determines your happiness. There are some things in life you can’t control – whether friends or family members love you, the weather, getting a disease, the economy, a recession, etc. But your emotions and your happiness are within your control.

You hear it all the time but you make you own luck by working hard and meeting the right people. You can make your own happiness as well.

Here’s a story:

One morning I decided to take a Lyft ride back to my college campus. I look at the app and my driver is a guy called Gary. I read Gary’s Lyft description. He was from the UK, liked disco music and rock music, and got a 4.9 star driver rating. Overall he seemed like an interesting guy.

Suddenly a car pulls by and almost runs over me. I walk towards it not sure if the guy was trying to kill me or if he was just a reckless Lyft driver.

But I forgive him.

“Hey are you Gary?! I’m Yibo! Great to meet you!!

“Nice to meet ya mate! Yea I’m Gary.”

“By the way, Gary are you from England?”

He frowned.

“OH NO! NO! Don’t you dare say that! I’m Scotish mate! I freaking hate the English!”

“Woah I’m so sorry Gary. I didn’t mean to offend you. I thought you were from England. I’m sorry I misread your Lyft profile. What got you to hate the English so much?”

“The English raped our women, they destroyed our buildings!!! Mate they did all sort of things!”

Yeah Gary was not in a good mood and was quite a bitter guy.

“That’s tough. I understand. You know in China it’s the same way. Chinese people hate Japanese people because during World War II they raped our women and killed a lot of people. Some people out there are just crazy and full of hatred.”

“Yah you got that right mate!”

“By the way, Gary how long have you been doing your Lyft job?”

“Oh gosh mate. It’s been a year. This job is terrible. You don’t make any money. You make bare minumum wage. You got to change your tires and gas every week. It’s awful. ”

“Yeah I totally understand. Life is hard. But it’s part of being a man right? We just got to do it. We just got to provide for our families. Gary you got a family at home right?”

“Yeah mate.”

“Yeah gotcha. By the way Gary since life is so hard can I ask you this? What drives you?”


“Wait Gary is that it? But don’t you have people in your life that you care about like family members?”

Craig remained silent and bitter.

I’ve never met such a bitter guy before in my life.
At this point of the trip, we arrive at the destination

“Well Craig. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having a terrible time. Hey Craig can I pray for you?”

“Absolutely. For sure mate.”

I thought about Gary for the entire day today. I felt so sorry for him and I wish I could help him but I can’t. He’s in control of his life and only he can help himself.

But this post I can share with you my secret. I’ve been depressed and suicidal before. I’ve absolutely hated my life. But the only difference between Craig and I is that we both view life differently. Gary sees everything in his life as miserable and terrible and because of this, he’s a miserable guy.

My secret is that I make my own happiness. I manage my emotions. There are days I’m sad as hell and want to cry. However, I ask myself :

“What am I grateful for in my life?”

“How could my life have been worse?” 

I’m nobody special. You can make your own happiness too.

If you’re reading to this point, I want to thank you for taking this time to invest in yourself.

Hope you have a happy day!

Let me know your thoughts on the secret to happiness in the comments below.